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Knowledge Engineering & Informatics

  • To review existing and new ideas for research projects in KEI
  • To disseminate work in progress or published work in KEI research
  • To promote intelectual discourse, seminars, workshops and conferences associated with KEI research.
  • To facilitate the formation of partnerships among researchers and the promotion of multi-disciplinary research in KEI

The KEI Research Group encompasses two broad areas of research, mainly Community & Organization Informatics (COI) and Data Engineering & Visualization (DEV). COI is study and the practice of enabling communities and organizations towards the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to improve health, learning, cultural production, e-governace among others. Organizational informatics incorporates concept of organization theory, organization behavior, knowledge and information management, and organizational intelligence to provide a critical foundation for managing information, people and ICTs.

DEV is concerned with the role of data in the design, development, management, and utilization of information systems and visualization of the data. Areas of research include database design, knowledge of the data and its processing language to describe data, define access and manipulate database startegies and mechanisms for information retrieval , visualization and data mining.



  1. Dr Noorhidawati Abdullah (Head of Research Group)
  2. Assoc Prof Dr Abrizah Abdullah
  3. Assoc Prof Dr Diljit Singh
  4. Dr Norizan Mohd Yasin
  5. Dr Noor Harun Abdul Karim
  6. Dr Sri Devi A/P Ravana
  7. Assoc. Prof Dr Teh Ying Wah
  8. Dr Vimala A/P Balakrishnan
  9. Dr.Fariza Hanum Md Nasaruddin
  10. Dr Maizatul Akmar Ismail
  11. Dr Kiran Kaur A/P Gurmit Singh
  12. Mohd Khalit Othman
  13. Dr.Norjihan Abdul Ghani
  14. Ali Fauzi Ahmad Khan

update: 17 September 2013
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