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List of ISI Publication 2012

Dr Maizatul Akmar Ismail
Ismail M.A, Yaacob, M., Sameem Abdul Kareem, Nasaruddin, F.H and Abdullah, N, (2012), Support System for Novice Researchers (SSNR) : Usability Evaluation of the First Use, The International Arab Journal of Information Technology,9(4),p8 (ISI-Cited Publication)
Profesor Dr Lee Sai Peck
Maged A Yahya, Rodina Ahmad, Sai Peck Lee. Impact of CMMI-Based Process Maturity Levels on Effort, Productivity and Diseconomy of Scale, International Arab Journal of Information Technology.
Alaa M. Al-Obaidi and Sai Peck Lee. 2012. A multithreaded scheduling model for solving the Tower of Hanoi game in a multicore environment. Maejo Int. J. Sci. Technol. 6(2):282-296. (ISI-Cited Publication)
Keen Ngee Loo, Sai Peck Lee, Thiam Kian Chiew. UML Extension for Defining the Interaction Variants of Design Patterns. IEEE Software (In Press) (ISI-Cited Publication)
Dr Por Lip Yee
Por, Lip Yee; Ong, Sim Ying; Delina, Beh Mei Yin; Maizatul Akmar Ismail (2012),"A Grid Enabled E-Theses and Dissertations Repository System." The International Arab Journal of Information Technology, 9 (3), p10 (ISI-Cited Publication)
Yam, Mun Fei; Ahmad, Mariam; Por, Lip Yee; Ang, Lee Fung; Basir, Rusliza; Asmawi, Mohd. Zaini. 2012. Screening of Stepping Forces in an Arthritic Rat Model Using a Novel Analgesic Meter and Dta Acquiisition System. Sensors12, no. 7:9603-9612
Por, Lip Yee; Wong, Kok Sheik; Chee, Kok Onn. 2012."UniSpaCh: A Textbased Data Hiding Method Using Unicode Space Characters." Journal of Systems and Software, Issue 5, Vol. 85, 1075 - 1082. (ISI/SCOPUS Cited Publication)
Assoc. Prof. Dr Rodina Ahmad
Fahad H. Alshammari & Rodina Ahmad 2012. A Reference Model for Transition Time Factors of Capability maturity Model Integration. International Arab Journal of Information Technology. (ISI-Cited Publication)
Fahad H. Alshammari & Rodina Ahmad. 2012. Identification of Factors that Affect the Transition Time between CMMI levels from Geographical Region Perspective: An Empirical Study. International Arab Journal of Information Technology. (ISI-Cited Publication)
Dr Rosli Salleh
Mohammad R. H. Fatemi, Hasan Ates and Rosli Salleh. 2012. Analysis and Design of Low-Cost Bit-Serial Architectures for Motion Estimation in H.264/AVC. Journal of Signal Processing Systems. (ISI-Cited Publication)
R. H. Fatemi, H. F. Ates & R. Salleh. May 2012. A Survey of Algorithms and Architectures for H.264 Sub- Pixel Motion Estimation. Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers (JCSC), Vol. 21, No. 3. (ISI-Cited Publication)
Profesor Dr Roziati Zainuddin
Mohammad Abushariah, Raja Ainon, Roziati Zainuddin, Moustafa Elshafei, and Othman Khalifa. 2012. Arabic Speaker-Independent Continuous Automatic Speech Recognition Based on a Phonetically Rich and Balanced Speech Corpus. The International Arab Journal of Information Technology, Vol. 9, No. 1, January 2012: pg 84-93 (ISI-Cited Publication)
Adel Lahsasna, Raja Noor Ainon, Roziati Zainuddin and Awang Bulgiba. 2012. Design of a Fuzzy-based Decision Support System for Coronary Heart Disease Diagnosis. Journal of Medical Systems. DOI: 10.1007/s10916-012- 9821-7 Online. (ISI-Cited Publication)
Sinan A. Naji, Roziati Zainuddin, Hamid A. Jalab. 2012. Skin segmentation based on multi pixel color clustering models. Digital Signal Processing, Volume 22, Issue 6, 2012 : Pages 933 940 (Tier 2) (ISI-Cited Publication)
Profesor Dr Siti Salwah Salim
Norain Mohd Yusoff and Siti Salwah Salim, Investigating Cognitive Task Difficulties and Expert Skills in e- Learning Storyboards using a Cognitive Task Analysis Techniques, Computers & Education, Volumes 58, Issue 1, pp 652-665, January 2012. (ISI-Cited Publication)
Mohsen Rahimifar and Siti Salwah Salim, Structuring persistent chat conversations: experimental results of the chatsistance tool, KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS (KAIS), DECEMBER 2012, VOLUME 33, Issue 3, pp 685-705. (ISI-Cited Publication)
Maryam Nazari
Nazari, M., Webber, S. 2011. Loss of faith on the origins of information literacy in E-environments: Proposal of a holistic approach. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, Due in June 2012- in-press. (ISI/SCOPUS Cited Publication)
Prof Dr Loo Chu Kiong
Tyzzkae Ang, Alan Weechiat Tan, Chukiong Loo and Waikit Wong.2012. Wavelet MACH filter for omnidirectional human activity recognition International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control 8(6). (ISI-Cited Publication)
Gin Chong Lee, Chu Kiong Loo & Letchumanan Chockalingam. May 2012. An integrated approach for head gesture based interface. Applied Soft Computing (in press) (ISI-Cited Publication)
Mohd Yamani Idna Bin Idris
Mohd. Yamani Idna Idris, Hamzah Arof, Noorzaily Mohamed Noor, Emran Mohd. Tamil, Zaidi Razak and Ainuddin Wahid, A Novel Approach of an FPGA Design to Improve Monocular SLAM Feature State Covariance Matrix Computation . Accepted for publication in International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC), Vol.8, No.3, March 2012. (ISI-Cited Publication)
Idris M Y I, Arof H, Noor N M, Tamil E M and Razak Z. 2012. A co-processor design to accelerate sequential monocular SLAM EKF process. Elsevier Journal of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO) (ISSN 0263- 2241) Volume 45, Issue 8, October 2012, Pages 2141 2152. (ISI-Cited Publication)

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