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Cluster ICT & Computational Science


Organization of Computation and Informatics (C+i) Research Cluster consists of a core administrative staff headed by a Dean of Cluster, aided by a Research Officer and supported by financial and clerical staff. Cluster Computation and Informatics (C+i) also supported several Research Group in specific areas.

Three areas of greates impact were identified under the Computation and Informatics Research Cluster Roadmap are productive Ageing through ICT, Software Engineering and Innovation and Digital Libraries & Informatics. Five niche areas under the Computation and Informatics Research Cluster are human Centric Computing, Knowledge Engineering & Informatics, Pervasive and Distributed Communication, ICT Security and Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia.

The research activities would include, but not limited to, the following areas : software, signal processing, cloud computing, data mining, artificial intelligence tools, robotics and assistive technology, Human Machine Interaction, Context-aware Decision Support System, ubiquitous monitoring and information processing.

Five research group have been formed under Computation and Informatics Research Cluster (C+i):

       a) Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia Research Group (AIMRG)
       b) ICT Security Research Group (Secreg)
       c) Knowledge Engineering and Informatics (KEI) Research Group
       d) Pervasive and Distributed Communication (PDC) Research Group
       e) Software Engineering & Innovation (SEI) Research Group

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