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About Computation and Informatics Research Cluster

Computation and Informatics (C+i) Research Cluster consists of well-structured research group and infrastructure. Each research group is responsible for piloting ICT research which includes planning, implementation and commercialization the design and development of corresponding research areas. Examples of research areas include the manipulation and communication of information, as well as construction of mathematical models and numerical techniques for solving various scientific and engineering problems using computers.

Computation and Informatics (C+i) Research Cluster also provide a platform for researchers who have expertise and specialization from different disciplines to develop creative and innovative research. The Computation and Informatics (C+i) Research Cluster encourage and promote research collaborations and networks at the national and international level as part of the responsibility to cultivate world class leaders in research and development.

  • To be the pioneer research cluster for counducting Computation and Informatics research in the country and region.
  • To spearhead innovative research and sharing knowledge in the domain of Computation and Informatics research through development of quality research expertise for the advancement of the humanity.
  • To cultivate quality and excellent research expertise in Computation and Informatics for the benefits of the nation and the humanity at large.
  • To cultivate a pool of outstanding researchers dedicated to conduct quality research in the domain of Computation and Informatics.
  • To elevate the university’s research reputation in Computation and Informatics.
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